• S460QL Grade Steel
  • S460QL Grade Steel

    Steel Standard:EN 10025-6
    Rolling Type:High strength steel plate
    Heat Treatment:Quenched and Tempered

    Quenched and tempered steel plate S460QL which is in EN 10025-6 technical delivery conditions for flat products of high yield strength structural steels in QT delivery condition.The steel making process of high strength steel plate S460QL shall be in accordance with EN 10025-1.If specified at the time of order the steel making process shall be reported to the purchaser.The low temperature impacting test for high strength steel plate S460QL should be done at minus 40 centigrade.Now steel can offer the maximum thickness for high tension steel plate S460QL reach to 350mm with good steel property.

    Technical Requirements & Additional Services:
    ♦ Low temperature impacting test
    ♦ Quenching and Tempering heat treatment
    ♦ Ultrasonic test under EN 10160,ASTM A435,A577,A578
    ♦ Issued Orginal Mill test certificate under EN 10204 FORMAT 3.1/3.2
    ♦ Shot blasting and Painting,Cutting and welding as per end user s demands

    Mechnical property for S460QL High strength steel:

    Thickness (mm)
    S460QL ≥ 3 ≤ 50 > 50 ≤ 100 > 100
    Yield strength (≥Mpa) 460 440 400
    Tensile strength (Mpa) 550-720 550-720 500-670

    Chemical composition for S460QL High strength steel (Heat Analysis Max%)

    Main chemical elements composition of S460QL
    C Si Mn P S N B Cr
    0.20 0.80 1.70 0.020 0.010 0.015 0.005 1.50
    Cu Mo Nb Ni Ti V Zr
    0.50 0.70 0.06 2.0 0.05 0.12 0.15